it's simply a business in a box

Be a Part of the kaleidoscope network


Our franchise is a program to build women's confidence, and join a network to exchange ideas, about building their business, learn about your own health and wellbeing, meet new people and create an income from the comfort of your home.

 If your passionate about beauty and wellbeing learn more and spread the word.

you choose your place in the network.


A group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope, and it is in this spirit that we adopt the name and the symbol to present a group of artists who can change, move gracefully, share their creativity, freedom, and joy with the world and help to build harmony.

   Caterpillar Group

 Sales agents sell our spa box

  • Develops skills in sales and customer service all online.

  • Allows you to get sales experience perfect for the

  • younger influencer looking to monetize their social network.

  •  2 hour of free training

  • Uniform and manual free.

  • pay a one-off fee of £99 

  • you buy the spa box we supply 

  •  1-hour group session

   Cocoon Consultant

& Sales agent 

  • 1 hour of sales training.

  • 2 hours of consultant training  

  • 1-month free membership

  • £14.99 per month

  •  uniform and manual free

  • 1-hour group session per month

  • sign up fee of £129



          Butterfly Host  

  • sales agent, consultant, and party host

  • 2 hours of sales training 

  • marketing boot camp

  • 2 consultant training

  • 1-month free membership

  • £24.99 per month

  • 121 per month 30 mins ongoing support 

  • 1-hour group session 

  • uniform manual free

  • free access to the social group 

  • sign up fee of £159

Spa box cost £15 each if you buy in bulk it gets cheaper if you want to know what's in the box sign up shhhhh it secret, but it deserves a night in.

Why choose us its not just 3 businesses in one box is a network of women, mothers, students all trying to get ahead a  shining a positive light its a friendship, it's a family that hasn't seen each other in months its a 50th birthday,

spa box is an experience. and you bring it into someone's home in a virtual world. 

White Butterfly

terms and conditions

spa box is a franchise business and will have strict working practices to fall in line with London brand the prices are subject to change and are currently 2020 prices for the UK launch, you will be expected to complete all training sessions to be an official franchise. all branded business material will be supplied from London as apart of the business franchise you will have to sign a contract. 

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If there are any specific questions, please get in contact with us 

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