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Caudalie is a cutting edge French skin care line, known for their exceptional patented anti-ageing technology. Caudalie's story starts in France in 1995 at the heart of a vineyard with a husband and wife, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas.

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Although its entire product line is neither 100% natural nor certified organic, the majority of products in the Caudalie skin care line contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oils, synthetic colours, or ingredients of animal origins,  which makes this our most natural product range.


Vinosource Facial

Perfect for sensitive dry and dehydrated skin

Moisturising Mattifying Fluid 2.png

Vinopure Facial

If you have oily or combination skin this is the facial for you.


Vinoperfect Facial

Suffering with pigmentation skin? Try the Vinoperfect facial.

Resveratrol Lift 1.png

Resveratrol Lift

Maintain that youthful glow with this anti-aging facial.

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