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The Stress Management Workshop 


Our spa manager Ayshia Gardner has been in the beauty, health, and wellbeing industry for over 24 years, over that period of time, she has realized a need for an added service that provides education on the prevention of stress-related illnesses.


As our lives become busier and more time sensitive we are increasingly working with our fight or flight response switched on this has created an increase of insomnia, and sleep disorders mild depression, panic attacks, migraines, stress-related skin conditions, stress-related pain disorders and more.


She has created the stress management tool, which highlights the need to understand how stress be managed with different tools. she's passionate about teaching people the warning signs and techniques to help manage stress and prevent the conditions it creates.


which can be tailored to any group of people. In the last year, she has worked with:-


Lillian Bayless school with high-risk teenagers.


Dunraven school with support staff 


Goldfinch Primary school with teachers 


she is working on expanding into the corporate world, as stress-related illnesses are be coming the one one 


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